Join The Shrike Force

Help Conserve Loggerhead Shrikes

Determining the cause of the decline for the Loggerhead Shrike is going to take a year-round, tri-national effort. The scope of this work is beyond existing resources in government, academic and non-government conservation organizations alone. We need you!

That’s why we will soon be launching groups of citizen scientists — our Shrike Force teams — across North America. A team can range from only a handful of individuals to a coordinated ornithological or naturalist group initiative. Each team will undertake surveys to identify breeding and wintering sites for the species and conduct regular monitoring after banding has been undertaken.

This crucial information will help us:

  • determine whether the same shrikes are found in the same territory year-round

  • assess population turnover

  • assess whether reproduction is successful

The information received from regions where shrikes are still relatively abundant will help us interpret data from areas where the species is at greater risk.

We’ll be rolling out our Shrike Force plans soon! Interested in participating? Want to be kept up-to-date on program developments? Contact us for more information.